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Our English as an Additional Language is funded by the Heart of England Community Foundation through a Jumping Through Hoops grant to work with 18-30 year olds in Coventry who experience some form of disadvantage.




English Speaking, Reading, Writing

We are funded to deliver eight weeks of EAL courses, in four small half-day groups. Our sessions currently run as follows:


Group 1a: TUESDAYS 9.30am - 12pm

  • Male / female (mixed)
  • 17-25 year old asylum seeker
  • 26-30 year old refugee


Group 1b: TUESDAYS 1pm - 3.30pm

  • Female only
  • 17-25 year old asylum seeker
  • 26-30 year old refugee
  • pre-school aged children welcome
Learners are most welcome to sit an accredited Functional Skills exam (Entry 1 or Entry 2) whilst completing their course, however this will be done according to learner choice. 



Course Eligibility

The course is funded for the following two groups of persons, as these have been identified as potentially experiencing increased difficulty in accessing opportunities in our local community:

  • asylum seekers aged 17-25, living in Coventry
  • refugees aged 26-30, living in Coventry

* Learners must commit to attending the full eight weeks of delivery *

* Day bus passes will be issued made valid for the next due attendance date *

* Light snacks, hot and cold drinks will be available during the session *



Course Progression

Written references can be provided which detail the learners' attendance, participation and any accreditation once they have completed the eight week course.

Where a learner does not make an immediate progression into formal work, training or education, they should wish to continue developing their English skills within our community. This may include:

  • volunteering within a local organistion
  • listening to young readers in schools

* We will support learners in securing a placement and remain available for further support by answering queries *



Course Referral

If you would like to refer yourself, a friend, or someome you know/are working with, please email us - the following information would be very useful to have:

  • formal name and any name(s) used/known by
  • email address
  • phone number
  • description of spoken English
  • description of written and read English
  • current situation (working in the day / looking after family / waiting for applications)


We look forward to hearing from you NOW!!

Also click HERE for a list and map of FREE EAL classes in Coventry (at March 2018)